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Administrative Network Activities


School computer networks are like snowflakes, every one is unique! You will need to configure Internet firewalls, content filters, or spam filters must be to allowed pass through to the Pearson domain. Verify content filter/firewalls and allow the appropriate sites.


Configure Network Permissions

TestNav 8 User Guide in PearsonAccess pages 2-5

  • If there is a firewall, content filter or spam filter between the workstations being used for electronic testing and the Internet, Make certain that ALL Pearson domain/port combinations are allowed through the firewall. 
  • The following domains and ports must be allowed to pass through your Internet firewalls, content filters or spam filters.
    • *  80, 443
    • *  80, 443
    •  * 80, 443
    • *
  • Make certain that the student have permissions to save the student response files (SRF) to the designated primary and secondary directories.
  • Verify that Antivirus software is not scaning whitelisted material. Some antivirus software, such as Sophos, can scan test content even if it has been whitelisted causing performance issues during testing. Additional configuration may be required.

Test Wireless Connection

 TestNav 7 Technology Guidelines -- Section 2.4

  • Ensure that all wireless computers can effectively communicate with their access point from the same location where they will be testing.


  • Verify that no high bandwidth network activity other than online testing will be occurring during the testing window. 
  • You can use the Network User Capacity tab of the Systems Check tool to view upload and download speeds to the Pearson Access server. 
  • You may run this several time during the approximate time frame when the assessments are scheduled to be administered to get a clear picture of bandwidth capabilities.

ISP Notification

  • Notify your Internet Service Provider of your online testing window. 
  • Confirm that no scheduled maintenance or outages are planned during that time.


  • Complete System Check Network User Capacity & Testing Volume
  • Complete System Check verification on wired and wireless testing labs by testing each computer lab’s readiness running  the Network User Capacity tab of the System Check tool and verify the performance of your internet connection.
  • Run the software  2 to 3 time at the same exact time you anticipate the field test assessment will take place

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