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English Language Proficiency Growth

About ACCESS for ELLs® Growth

Colorado transitioned to a new English language proficiency(ELP) assessment, the ACCESS for ELLs assessment, developed by the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) consortium. The previous ELP assessment (adapted from LAS-Links) was the Colorado English Language Acquisition Proficiency assessment (CELApro) and was administered from 2007-2012. The state adopted the WIDA English language proficiency standards in 2009 and starting in the 2012-2013 school year, joined the WIDA consortium in administering WIDA’s ACCESS for ELLs.

ACCESS for ELLs® growth calculations for 2015 have been completed and released to districts. These calculations are based on the Colorado Growth Model method. Registered school and district users can log into CEDAR and download their student-level ACCESS for ELLs® growth results. In CEDAR, the data are available as “flat files” (Excel spreadsheets with every student’s results on each subtest as well as for the composite score). Access to student-level data is limited to educators who have a need for such data. For permission to access to the student-level data for your school or district, please contact your local school district’s Local Access Manager (LAM) and request access to CDE’s CEDAR system. CDE does not grant access to this system to either district- or school-level users directly – districts must add, administer, and remove users themselves.

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