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Unified Improvement Planning - Training

UIP During the State Assessment Transition

CDE will be offering two full-day sessions in June to provide draft guidance and considerations for the UIP process during the state assessment transition.  The sessions will include updates on Accountability and Improvement Planning timelines and expectations, and options for local planning teams to engage in analyzing performance data for academic achievement, growth and growth gaps, and PWR for the 2015-16 school year.  This session will be beneficial for district or school staff leading or providing training, and tools and resources for improvement planning efforts. 


Pueblo- Friday, June 12, 2015 



Metro- Tuesday, June 16, 2015 




Unified Improvement Planning - Work Sessions

CDE is offering differentiated work sessions between March and May 2015 to support schools and districts in making changes to their UIPs. A webinar to detail what types of support will be available was held on March 19th from 9-9:30AM.  In addition, a webinar on addressing public posting concerns immediately followed, from 9:30 to 10 am.  Both webinars have been recorded and posted. District and school staff are encouraged to view the webinars and collaborate to register for needed sessions and support.

See more details on work sessions and webinars

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Unified Improvement Planning Changes Webinar – Recording

This webinar will describe changes with the UIP template and processes for the 2014-15 school year. Specific topics will include: Revisions to SPF/DPF and how this affects the UIP template, program addenda, and incorporating READ Act requirements.

The following full-day UIP sessions will be offered addressing components of the UIP process and are designed for school or district –level planning teams. Participants may select to attend one or all of the sessions based on their needs. Each session will be held from 8:30 am to 4 pm (lunch provided). Participants should consider bringing a small team of stakeholders that need to become more familiar with UIP processes and expectations, such as English Language Directors, Special Education Directors, Assessment Directors, principals, teacher leaders, etc.

UIP Basics I

The first of two basics sessions will focus on the data analysis portion of the process (performance review, notable trends and root causes). This session is open to all participants. The content may be of particular interest to school leadership and district level staff.

UIP Basics II

The second basics session will focus on the action planning portion of the process (target setting, major improvement strategies, action steps). This year will specifically address target setting approaches with the state assessment transition. This session is open to all participants. The content may be of particular interest to school leadership and district level staff.

UIP during the State Assessment Transition

Provided in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT), this session will focus on: 1) Implications for Unified Improvement Planning (UIP) for the 2014-15 school year during the state transition to a new assessment system, and 2) Incorporating K-3 literacy assessment results into the UIP as required by the READ Act. Participants will be introduced to guidance and receive support on establishing UIP performance targets for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school-years (while state assessment data being provided by CDE is changing). The session will also include hands-on practice analyzing data and developing performance targets in the following areas:

2014 Past Spring Training Resources

What You Need to Know about UIP for the 2014-15 School Year

June 5th (Metro Area) or June 12th (Pueblo Area)
8:30 am to 12 noon
Provided in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT), this 1/2 day session was intended for district leaders and will focus on refinements to Unified Improvement Planning processes and template for the 2014-15 school year.

Access the:

Facilitating Root Cause Analysis Training:

June 10th Metro Area
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

This session was provided in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching, this learning session is for those needing to facilitate root cause analysis with planning teams.

Access the:

2013-14 Past Fall Training Session Resources

Progress Monitoring: North Metro, November 19th; Pueblo, November 21st; Grand Junction, December 3rd

Provided in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT), this session will focus on implementing a continuous improvement cycle across the school year that brings the UIP alive. Participants will work with and plan for interpreting data from the most common interim assessments and early literacy assessments used in Colorado. They will build a plan for using interim assessment data throughout the school year to determine if action steps are having the desired effects on student learning. Participants will identify how to use data from implementation benchmarks to evaluate the degree to which major improvement strategies are being implemented, and make adjustments as needed. Participants will evaluate the quality of the information included in a UIP regarding interim measures and implementation benchmarks. Finally, this session will address how to engage various stakeholders, including school accountability committee members, in progress monitoring. Participants will leave with processes, protocols, tools and plans for engaging with local planning teams to monitor the progress of school and district improvement efforts.

UIP Changes Webinar August 7th from 1-2:00pm or September 9th from 10-11:00am

This webinar described changes with the UIP template and processes for the 2013-14 school year. Specific topics included: Revisions to School and District Performance Frameworks and how this affects the UIP template, grants and programs (e.g. Gifted Education, TIG, CGP), and overview of the pre-populated report and submission timeline.

UIP Basics I: North Metro, September 10th or Pueblo, September 12th

  • The first of two basics sessions focused on data analysis (performance review, notable trends and root causes).
  • A copy of the UIP Basics I Presentation is available to download (PowerPoint Presentation).

UIP Basics II: Pueblo, October 16th or North Metro, October 18th

  • The second basics session focused on action planning (target setting, major improvement strategies, and action steps).
  • A copy of the UIP Basics II Presentation is available to download (PowerPoint Presentation).

Going Beyond TCAP Data for Improvement Planning: North Metro, September 30th, Pueblo, October 2nd, or Grand Junction, October 30th

Provided in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT), this session will focus on how to use data sources other than TCAP as part of the UIP process. Participants will get a head start on using the K-3 literacy assessment data (currently used to identify students with significant reading deficiencies for the READ Act). Participants will also get support for incorporating additional data related to post-secondary and workforce readiness into data analysis, analyzing ACCESS data, and using TELL survey results as part of root cause analysis. The session also will help participants consider how to make sense of their use of a variety of assessment resources for a variety of reform initiatives.

Priority Improvement/Turnaround Orientation: Past Session

This orientation session is designed to provide school and district leaders with an introduction to CDE’s support for districts and schools with Priority Improvement and Turnaround ratings. Participants will gain an understanding of the data used for identification, additional expectations as a result of identification, and mechanics and implications of the accountability clock timeline. Participants will also learn about the supports CDE staff can provide to districts and schools. This session will be facilitated by the School and District Performance Unit and other CDE staff familiar with school and district accountability and the Unified Improvement Planning process.

Planning for Dramatic Change: Past Session

This session addressed how school or district systems can leverage the Unified Improvement Planning (UIP) process bring about dramatic change, to ultimately bring about increased performance. Through the frame of the UIP process, participants will understand specific requirements of the planning process and gain familiarity with resources for supporting systemic improvements. Participants will understand options for supporting planning processes in their own context to implement changes successfully.

2012-13 Training Materials Available

Incorporating UIP Feedback:

Three identical half-day training sessions were held in early April to help districts and schools incorporate their own CDE feedback into their Unified Improvement Plans

View the materials used at the Fall 2012 Training Series:

Updating Your UIP Toolkit/Diving Into New Data - May 1-4, 2012

In early May, the Colorado Department of Education offered two new learning opportunities for district leaders to support Unified Improvement Planning as districts prepare for the 2012-13 school year. These training sessions were offered in partnership with the Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching, University of Colorado Denver.

For more information

For questions about UIP training, please contact Erin Loften at or 303-866-6642.

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