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SPDG: Response to Intervention (RtI)

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is committed to providing support and guidance regarding the effective implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in order to improve educational outcomes for students throughout the state. A continuum of evidence-based, tiered interventions with increasing levels of intensity and duration is central to MTSS. Collaborative educational decisions are based on data derived from frequent monitoring of student performance and rate of learning. To support this effort, the following work has been done:

  • In 2009-2010, RtI Implementation Rubrics and supporting materials were developed to support scaling up of effective practices across the state through reflection on policies and practices.
  • Implementation Consultants (ICs) provide technical assistance and coaching to support Administrative Units (AUs) across the state to build the capacity of district leadership teams that can sustain implementation of MTSS. In the fall of 2011, eight AUs were awarded Response to Intervention (RtI) mini-grants, which included up to $10,000 and technical assistance from ICs (formerly: Technical Assistance Coordinators or TACs).
  • The Family-School Partnering Community of Practice (CoP) was established through partnerships with several family/child support organizations, school practitioners, and families. Participating members explore the evolving roles of educational stakeholders, and CoP members reflect on practices, processes, and evaluation related to RtI and PBIS.
  • Videos developed under the SPDG provide considerations for best practices at the various educational levels. They reflect a range of perspectives from expert practitioners on a variety of topics related to MTSS, RtI, and PBIS.
  • The SPDG partnered with the national RtI Action Network, which offered multiple services: 1) provided resources on topics identified through the grant as priorities, 2) hired bloggers to write about topics requested by the SPDG RtI project coordinators, 3) conducted RtI talks on the network’s website, 4) solicited and posted success stories from Colorado, and 5) provided an RtI leadership networking opportunity for education leaders implementing RtI in Colorado.

Through collaboration, integrated training, and shared support, CDE strives to support a comprehensive model that incorporates academics and behavior into an MTSS framework.


MTSS Mini-Grant 2013 Summit Presentations

The Colorado Department of Education's Office of Learning Supports hosted the Colorado MTSS Summit on June 26-27, 2013. Mini-grant participants from the 2012-2013 year shared their implementation journeys through poster presentations. The poster displays included content from CDE, as well.

Posters are available here as one file that contains both CDE and district-created poster content. Please access the following link to download the implementation posters.


RtI Mini-Grant 2012 Summit Presentations

CDE's RtI/PBIS Office hosted a Summit on June 28 for each of the 2011-2012 mini-grant recipient to share their RtI implementation journey with the 2012-2013 cohort of mini-grant districts. District personnel shared their growth experiences regarding the following themes:

  • Family and Community Partnering
  • Integration of RtI and PBIS
  • Problem-Solving Across the System or at the Secondary Level

This Summit also provided a unique opportunity for school and district personnel to work in small groups with national experts on RtI/PBIS integration. Stacy Skalski from the National Association of School Psychologists and George Sugai from the OSEP Technical Assistance Center on PBIS, joined us to facilitate dialogues with school and district personnel as well as reflect on and inform RtI implementation across Colorado.

Presentations that were shared at the Summit:


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