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Family and Community Partnering: "On the Team and at the Table" Toolkit (Revised 2009)

Adaptable Tools

The documents listed below are sections from the above document and can be downloaded and adapted to your school/district etc.


I. Training Materials

II. Universal Tier: Tools and Resources

  • School
  • Sample Principal Home Letter/Newsletter Article (DOC)
  • Sample Principal Community Letter (DOC)
  • Colorado RtI Stakeholder Brochure (DOC)
  • English (DOC)
  • Spanish (DOC)
  • Sample Reminder Cards (DOC)
  • English (DOC)
  • Spanish (DOC)
  • Full-sized slide in Spanish (PDF)
  • Sample RtI Partnering Job Descriptions (DOC)
  • Sample School-Parent Agreement (Policy) Compact: Title I, Part A, ESEA (DOC)
  • Six Types of Involvement in Family-School-Community Partnerships: English & Spanish (DOC)
  • Partnering Vocabulary (DOC)
  • Partnering Stories From the Field (DOC)
  • Secondary Schools’ Fact Sheet (DOC)
  • Classroom
  • Sample Teacher Letter (DOC)
  • Sample Family Sharing Sheet (DOC)
  • Sample Family Sharing Sheet: SPANISH (PDF)
  • Sample Partners In Learning Pledge (DOC)
  • Building Trusting Family-Teacher Partnerships (DOC)
  • Two-Way Communication: A Teacher’s Practical Points (DOC)
  • III. Targeted/Intensive Tiers: Tools and Resources

  • RtI Problem-Solving Partner Packet
  • Best Practices In RtI Problem-Solving (DOC)
  • Questions for Families, Educators, and Community Resources to Ask About the Problem-Solving Process (DOC)
  • Sample Problem-Solving Family Invitation Phone Script (DOC)
  • Sample Stakeholder Problem-Solving Card/Brochure Insert (DOC)
  • English (DOC)
  • Spanish (DOC)
  • Sample Problem-Solving Process Referral with Family Input, Student Strengths, Community Resources (DOC)
  • Sample Problem-Solving Team Meeting Invitation (DOC)
  • Sample Problem-Solving Process Home Information (DOC)
  • Sample Problem-Solving Process Home Information: SPANISH (PDF)
  • Sample RtI Intervention Plan with Home-School Coordination and Communication (DOC)
  • Sample Socio-cultural Interview/Interpreter Information (DOC)
  • Helping Families Understand the Special Education Process Within RtI (DOC)
  • IEP Partnering Within a RtI Model (DOC)
  • Sample Coordinated Interventions for Schools, Families and Community Resources
  • School-Home-School Notes: Description and Sample (DOC)
  • Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: Description and Sample (DOC)
  • Wraparound: Description (DOC)
  • IV. Planning and Evaluation: Tools and Resources

  • Data Sources
  • School-Wide
  • Tiered RtI Family and Community Partnering Checklist (PPT)
  • Measure of School, Family and Community Partnerships (Davis et al.) (PDF)
  • Stakeholders: Educators, Families, Community Resources
  • RtI Partnering Survey and Needs Assessment (DOC)
  • Planning Team Feedback (DOC)
  • FAQs (DOC)
  • Challenges and Solutions (DOC)
  • Plan Templates
  • Tiered Planning Templates (DOC)
  • Sample Completed Templates (DOC)
  • V. Web and Text Resources

  • RtI Partnering Resources (DOC)
  • Family-School-Community Partnering Resources (DOC)
  • Colorado Partnering Resources (DOC)
  • Colorado Department of Education RtI Family-School-Community Partnering Resources (DOC)
  • VI. References

  • References (DOC)

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