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Multi-Tiered Family, School, and Community Partnering

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Online Courses

Family, School, and Community Partnering (FSCP)

Instructors: Cathy Lines and Cindy Dascher
Please review this informational flyer that describes the three different courses. Future dates/offerings will be posted at a later date.

  • Syllabus: FSCP High Impact Strategies: Communicating and Designing Homework "Two-Way" (registration has closed)
  • Syllabus: Multi-Tiered Family, School, and Community Partnering* (registration has closed)
  • Syllabus: Family-School Partnering at the Secondary Level* (registration has closed)

*You may only select one of these two courses; course credit cannot be earned for both courses.

Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP) Conference

PEP Conferences are family-centered events designed to offer support, information and education to both parents and professionals who work with children with disabilities across Colorado. PEP promotes the partnerships between parents and professionals that are essential in supporting and including children with disabilities in schools and communities.

2014 Resources

The What, Why, and How of Family, School, and Community Partnering

File for download: The Why and What of FSCP (PDF)

For more information on Family, School, and Community Partnering, please contact Cindy Dascher.

Multi-Tiered Family, School, and Community Partnering Webinar Recordings

These archived webinars are divided into segments or chapters for easier access and viewing. The recordings are designed to be viewed with accompanying downloadable resources so that the information can be studied and applied. All tools/resources referenced in recording segments are available for download in the archived webinars. It is strongly recommended that the tools be downloaded before beginning the content segments so that the materials can be studied with the appropriate prompt in the presentation. All materials are provided with the intention that they can be adapted to a specific site or situation, applying research to practice. One possible use for these recordings is for a school team to view the content together and to discuss the information, thinking about potential application(s) to the school’s implementation of family, school, and community partnering.

For more instructional tips related to the purpose and process of viewing these segments, please view the brief tutorial video prior to viewing the content segments.

Tutorial Video (2 mins., 51 secs.)

"The What, Why, and How for Administrators"

    1. The Introduction (same for all educators : 16 mins., 16 secs.)
    2. “The What” for Administrators (10 mins., 45 secs.)
    3. “The Why” for Administrators (14 mins., 5 secs.)
    4. “The How” for Administrators (23 mins., 55 secs.)

"The What, Why, and How for Teachers"

    1. The Introduction (same for all educators: 16 mins., 16 secs.)
    2. “The What” for Teachers (10 mins., 9 secs.)
    3. “The Why” for Teachers (18 mins., 58 secs.)
    4. “The How” for Teachers (26 mins., 26 secs.)

FSCP Archive: "On the Team and At the Table" Highlights for Families and Others Webinar Recording, June 2014

*If you have questions or would like to request FSCP support, please contact Kim Watchorn or Cindy Dascher.

Family, School, and Community Partnering (FSCP) Support Network

The Office of Learning Supports is pleased to offer a family, school, and community partnering (FSCP) network to support stakeholders who have participated in a CDE face-to-face or online training or stakeholders who have expressed an interest in partnering. The goal is to provide updated resources and information through a periodic electronic mailing and request "two-way" sharing of successes, stories, and solutions.

Former issues of the FSCP Support Network Bulletin are posted here; the most-current edition is found at the top of this page. Please contact Cindy Dascher for more information.

Stakeholder Training and Toolkit Materials:

Some of these resources can be found in adaptable Word versions in the Family and Community Partnering: "On the Team and At the Table" Toolkit.

  • Multi-Tiered Family, School, and Community Partnering (2012-2013 Training Materials)
    • Stakeholder Training PowerPoint (PDF) (PowerPoint)
    • Activities
      • Cover (PDF) (Word)
      • Activity Slides with Notes (PDF)
      • Activity 01 - Partnering Definition (PDF) (Word)
      • Activity 03 - Planning Team Feedback (PDF)
      • Activity 05 and 06 - Challenges and Solutions (PDF)
      • Activity 07 - Supports Checklist (PDF) (Word)
      • Activity 09 - Sample Job Descriptions (PDF)
      • Activity 11 - Sample Completed Templates (PDF)
      • Activity 12 - Tiered Templates (PDF)

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