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Highly Qualified Data Collection

Highly Qualified On-line System (HQOS)

HQOS is part of CDE’s Identify Management System. The Local Access Manager for each district or administrative unit must assign a user for the system.  Contact your Local Access Manager for system access. 


The application can be accessed at:


HQOS works in tandem with the Data Pipeline Staff Interchange and Snapshots for Special Education and Human Resources. The HQOS system is used to resolve any HQ errors in the Snapshots. If any core content teachers are flagged as non-HQ in the HR/Special Education Snapshot, then an error is generated. You will either need to correct your data in the Staff Interchange and create a new snapshot for the HR/Special Education Snapshot or use HQOS to communicate with CDE. Within HQOS, the reason(s) why each teacher is not highly qualified is listed and options to fix that specific situation are offered. HQOS enables districts and AUs to submit (1) an individualized plan on how the teacher will become HQ within the next year or (2) HOUSSE information for teachers so that they will appear on the HR/Special Education Snapshot as HQ. For the snapshot to be updated with this information, a new snapshot must be created within Data Pipeline.  CDE will then review the record – giving approval or providing additional feedback on necessary changes. Once a record is approved in HQOS, you can resubmit your Staff Interchange files and recreate your snapshot and should no longer receive the HQ error. All records must be approved in order for you to finalize your snapshot data.

Highly Qualified Online System Help Documentation

Fall 2013 NCLB HQ Requirements Training Materials

Presentation SlidesPresentation with Audio
Highly Qualified RulesHighly Qualified Rules
Highly Qualified Online SystemHighly Qualified Online System

Human Resource Data Collection
(Note: This is an annual collection that provides CDE with the necessary information to determine whether every core academic class is taught by a Highly Qualified Teacher.)

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