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State Council for Educator Effectiveness Web Survey

Great teachers and principals matter. Quality classroom instruction and school leadership are the strongest influencers of student achievement.

The State Council for Educator Effectiveness is charged with providing recommendations to the Colorado State Board of Education to develop a new educator evaluation system to improve teaching, learning and achievement for all Colorado students.

Guided by the state's landmark educator effectiveness law (S.B. 191), the Council is charged with:

  • Defining teacher and principal effectiveness
  • Establishing levels of effectiveness and performance standards
  • Developing guidelines for a fair, rigorous and transparent system to evaluate teachers and principals
  • Recommending state policy changes to prepare, evaluate an support teachers and principals

The Council released draft recommendations on February 9 to the state board of education. Final recommendations are due in April.

The Council is using multiple strategies to gather stakeholders' input. This survey - and other efforts - are just the beginning of a longer term process of gathering feedback that will continue as state board members - and later legislators - review the Council's recommendations.

We welcome your input!

Prior to completing this survey, please:

Watch a brief presentation about the draft recommendations these handouts for more details about the Council's recommendations:


Complete the online survey.

This survey will close on March 28.

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