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Education Technology and Information Literacy

LEAs that apply for Priority 2 E-rate discounts are required to submit a technology plan. Email plans to DeLilah Collins by April 30, 2014. The requirements for E-rate are as follows:

  • The plan must establish clear goals and a realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology to improve education or library services;
  • The plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff knows how to use these new technologies to improve education or library services;
  • The plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve education or library services*; and
  • The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school or library to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make mid-course corrections in response to new developments and opportunities and they arise.

*Additional information regarding needs assessments (PDF)

Submission Requirements:

Any applicant seeking E-rate Priority 2 discounts must complete a technology plan. Approval of a technology plan will qualify districts for meeting the minimum requirements for E-Rate Priority 2 applications. A technology plan is not required for Priority 1 applications.

Technology plans for the 2014-2015 funding year are due to CDE on or before Monday April 30, 2014. Submit plans via email to

E-rate applicants also need to be aware of potential “bucket switches” which occur when an application requests Priority 1 services. E-rate program reviewers may deem a portion of an application as Priority 2 service, which would then require a technology plan.

It is important that districts who receive E-rate funding begin to draft new plans prior to the completion of the form 470. USAC defines the creation date as "the date your plan contains the four required elements in sufficient detail to support the services requested on your Form 470".

It is the recommendation of CDE that the district put the word “DRAFT” and the date the draft was created in the footer or on the cover page of the document. When the online system becomes available, districts will have the ability to transfer the date listed on the DRAFT document to the online system.

Even though districts are no longer required to submit an Education Technology-Information Literacy (ET-IL) plan, it is good practice to continue to plan around the purchase and use of technology tools to enhance education.

Each technology plan will be reviewed for a good faith effort in addressing the required criteria. If for any reason CDE is not able to approve a plan based on the contents submitted, CDE staff will work with the district to obtain additional information to ensure all the required components are addressed so that the plan can ultimately be approved.

Applicants that have a technology plan that will expire in 2014 and will apply for Priority 2 services in the next funding year will need to submit a technology plan to CDE no later than April 2013. E-rate Technology Planning Guide has been created to assist with the development of the plan.

E-rate Technology Planning Guide

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Delilah Collins
Title II Part D Coordinator/E-rate Coordinator
Educational Technology and Innovation

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