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Title II-D - Federal Reporting Requirements

The U. S. Department of Education (USDOE) implemented an initiative to put performance data at the center of policy, management and budget decisions for all K-12 educational programs.

These data can help federal and state administrators identify critical education priorities and priority populations. They can provide key information to support reauthorization and appropriation proposals; and can be used over the life of the grants process to provide data for performance criteria in grant applications, monitor programs, and for grants accountability, including descriptive evaluations.

CDE is required to develop performance measurement systems to determine the effectiveness of educational technology programs funded under this subpart, particularly in determining the extent to which activities funded under this subpart are effective in integrating technology into curricula and instruction, increasing the ability of teachers to teach, and enabling students to meet challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards.

In the past, the USDOE has not made these reporting requirements mandatory if the state did not have a method of assessing or collecting. With the passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, it became evident to the USDOE that the majority of the country did not report the necessary data to support the program.

The elimination of Title II Part D funding for the 11-12 funding year will make it difficult for LEAs to comply with these reporting requirements as most of them are tied to funding therefore, CDE will not require LEAs to report the collections listed below. While these collections will not be mandatory, LEAs are encouraged to take advantage of the Personnel Technological Literacy Self Assessment survey and to send the data to CDE for ongoing analysis and technical assistance.

The following reporting requirements are currently required by the USDOE however CDE will not make reporting this data mandatory.

  • 8th Grade Literacy X117 - Not Mandatory
  • Personnel Technological Proficiency X071 - Not Mandatory
  • Computer Specifications X028 - No longer Collecting
    **DOE has issued N162 Internet Access File Specifications to replace X028 Computer Specifications**
  • Technology Integration X131 - Did not initiate collection

8th Grade Literacy X117

USDOE has provided the following definition for the 8th Grade Reporting requirement:

*The number of 8th grade students who are and are not literate in technology for the school year.

Personnel Technological Proficiency X071

USDOE has provided the following definition for the Personnel Technological Proficiency reporting requirement:

*The unduplicated headcount of school personnel assessed against the standards-based performance profiles of technology user skills as defined by the state.

Internet Access File Specifications N162

USDOE introduced this collection in May 2011 which will replace the Computer Specifications collection. This submission collects the number of computers by internet access and the number of devices by internet access.

CDE has yet to collect this information and will provide notification if and when this collection will be available.



DeLilah Collins
Title II-D Coordinator/E-rate Coordinator
Office of Federal Program Administration
1560 Broadway Ste. 1450
Denver CO 80202

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