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Colorado Graduation Pathways - Dropout Prevention Framework

Dropout Prevention Framework

This comprehensive framework includes research-based practices in dropout prevention and recovery.  It was developed based on the research on effective strategies and lessons learned from promising efforts locally and nationally, including the efforts in Philadelphia, Chicago and New York.

The Dropout Prevention Framework supports schools in assessing their current drop-out prevention practices, identifying gaps and working to implement a comprehensive and coordinated drop-out prevention system.  Research suggests that successful drop-out prevention efforts must be supported by comprehensive, systematic, and sustainable whole school or district wide reforms that address attendance, behavior, and course completion.  Successful efforts include transition planning and support, whole school strategies, early warning systems, and tiered interventions for students identified as being off-track to graduation or at risk for dropping out.   Particular attention must be paid to ensuring students have a successful 9th grade year, as failure in 9th grade has been shown to be highly predictive of students eventually dropping out.

Each item listed under ‘Methods and Tactics’ is hyperlinked to a page with definitions, descriptions and resources.  Please click directly on the words for additional information.

Essential Elements

Methods and Tactics

Data Analysis

Early Warning Systems

Tracking Out-of-School Youth

Assess and Enhance School Climate

Policy and Practices Review

Community Engagement

Family Involvement

Transition Programs

Multiple Pathways to Graduation

Reengagement of Out-of-School Youth

Enhanced Counseling and Mentoring

Credit Recovery Options

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