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This site provides a hub of Colorado Academic Standards information and resources to support the academic achievement of all students in Colorado.

Content support through the Colorado Department of Education may include:

  • The Colorado Academic Standards in a variety of formats
  • Curriculum Support
  • Instructional Resources
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Grants and Initiatives

The introductory pages for each content area is linked below. These pages include important announcements specific to the content area and PLC Bytes. We aim to provide tools for the empowerment of all stakeholders to actively participate in the process of implementing the Colorado Academic and English Language Proficiency Standards.

The Arts 

The Arts Standards reflect the innate creativity and rigorous cognition, required to produce a work of art, all students deserve to experience. The standards challenge the elitist perception sometimes associated with the arts, asking all students to stretch their thinking and participate in the creative process inherent in each arts discipline (Know/Comprehend, Create, Perform/Present, and Refine/Critique). 

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Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

The Comprehensive Health and Physical Education standards focus on personal decision-making around emotional and social well-being, positive communication, healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco, drug, and alcohol abuse prevention and violence prevention. The standards underscore important skills for navigating today’s society with its complex and often confusing messages around health, beauty, and happiness. 

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The Mathematics standards compel us to make mathematics relevant to students by moving beyond mere answer getting to doing the work of mathematicians. The standards emphasize the development of students’ abilities to use mathematics to represent their lived experiences and to simplify and explain complex phenomena.  

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Reading, Writing and Communicating

The Reading, Writing, and Communicating standards invite students to use texts to better understand others’ experiences in the world and to command language in order to articulate their own perspective on the human experience. The standards intentionally reflect the read-write connection and the relationship between critically consuming texts to build knowledge and producing texts to convey knowledge.  

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The Science standards reflect a new vision for science education that connects scientific knowledge, in authentic ways, to real-world problem solving and innovation. The standards forefront scientific practices that use and go beyond the inquiry process to arrive at reasoned and justifiable rationales for interpretations of phenomena/events.

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Social Studies

The Social Studies standards guide students in developing the knowledge and skills to make sound judgments, understand historical and contemporary experiences/events, analyze interpersonal and global tensions, and actively participate in the complex world in which they live. The standards support the use of reasoned and reflective thinking to engage and collaborate with others in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world.

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World Languages

In the 21st century the ability to communicate in more than one language is an essential skill for all Colorado learners. Learning multiple world languages, developing multiple perspectives and understanding other cultures are vital skills needed to both collaborate and compete in our global community. Learners acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes that equip them for living and working in a world of diverse peoples, languages and cultures.

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Personal Financial Literacy

Teaching Personal Financial Literacy is essential to creating fiscally responsible citizens. Our complex interconnected economy requires Colorado students develop financial decision-making skills to ensure a secure future.

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STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

STEM Education provides a venue for the transformation of teaching and learning by integrating content and the skills of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Engaging students in 21st century practices through inquiry, critical thinking and reasoning, collaboration, invention, and information literacy through STEM education directly impacts their ability to succeed by mastering and transferring concepts within STEM disciplines and across all content areas.

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