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News Release - State Board Approves School Plan Type Assignments

Dec. 5, 2012

News Release

State board approves school plan type assignments

Board also recognizes Board Chairman Bob Schaffer for his contributions

The Colorado State Board of Education met for a regularly scheduled meeting today. The December meeting continues tomorrow, Dec. 6 at the Colorado Department of Education. Highlights from today’s meeting include:

School Plan Type Assignments

The department is seeing small increases in the performance of schools in Colorado, as measured through the School Performance Frameworks. Schools receive one of the following plan type assignments, from highest- to lowest-performing:

  1. Performance Plan: The school meets or exceeds statewide attainment on the performance indicators and is required to adopt and implement a Performance Plan.
  2. Improvement Plan: The school approaches or meets statewide attainment on the performance indicators and is required to adopt and implement an Improvement Plan.
  3. Priority Improvement Plan: The school does not meet statewide attainment on the performance indicators and is required to adopt and implement a Priority Improvement Plan.
  4. Turnaround Plan: The school does not meet statewide attainment on the performance indicators and is required to adopt and implement a Turnaround Plan.

In all, 1,532 of the state’s public schools (90.3 percent in all) were assigned a “Performance Plan” or “Improvement Plan.” One hundred twenty-six public schools (7.4 percent) were assigned a “Priority Improvement Plan” and 40 were assigned a “Turnaround Plan” (2.4 percent). This is an increase in the percentage of schools on Performance and Improvement Plans and a decrease in the percentage of schools on Priority Improvement and Turnaround Plans.

The majority of schools received the same plan type in 2012 as they did in 2011 (77 percent). 11.9 percent of schools increased one or more plan type levels from 2011 to 2012, while 11.2 percent of schools dropped one or more levels.

The decrease in Priority Improvement and Turnaround Plans may be attributed to several factors: increased focus on student performance through the unified improvement plan process, Tiered Intervention Grants for the persistently lowest performing schools and districts closing low performing schools.

All schools and districts are required to submit an improvement plan annually. CDE reviews all Priority Improvement and Turnaround Plans. The plans include trends, root causes, targets, improvement strategies, resources, interim measures and implementation benchmarks. The 2011 school and district improvement plans are all posted in SchoolView.

Districts are required to accredit their own schools, in some cases using a performance framework that may be similar to the state methodology. For a complete list of district accreditation ratings and school plan types, visit SchoolView or

Board Resolution

The state board passed a resolution recognizing the contribution Chairman Bob Schaffer has made to the education of children in Colorado. Schaffer began his service in January 2006 and served as vice chairman and chairman. The resolution states that over the course of his service, Colorado has undergone tremendous education reforms including the

enactment of Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids, the Innovation Schools Act, the Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluation Act, and the Colorado Reading to Ensure Act. He, along with the board, as a whole, supported the department’s long-term and ongoing efforts to implement Colorado’s education reform agenda.

School Readiness Assessment

The state board approved staff’s recommendation to offer districts a menu of school readiness assessments and also approved Teaching Strategies Gold as the first school readiness assessment tool for the school readiness assessment menu.

Colorado's Achievement Plan for Kids (CAP4K) requires school districts to implement individual school readiness plans and school readiness assessments beginning in the 2013-14 school year. The department is recommending that districts phase in this requirement over the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years. CAP4K also requires the state board to adopt one or more assessments aligned with the department’s definition of school readiness. Pending positive technical reports and final review, CDE staff will present additional school readiness assessment tools for approval of the state board. To view staff’s presentation to the board, click here. To view a fact sheet on Teaching Strategies Gold, click here.

Environmental Education Plan

The board voted to approve the Environmental Education Plan. Legislation passed in 2010 requires CDE to adopt a statewide plan for environmental education and work with the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. The plan addresses strengthening the reach and coordination of environmental education in public schools and provides professional development to educators in environmental education.

State Board of Education 2013 Legislative Priorities

The board approved the State Board of Education Legislative Priorities.

2012 Milken Educator Award

The board recognized 2012 Milken Educator Barth Quenzer, a fine arts teacher at Brown International Academy in Denver. Quenzer was presented with the award and $25,000 cash prize in an October surprise all-school assembly. For more information, visit

Spanish Literacy Assessments

Staff presented the board with an update on recent conversations with standards, assessment and English learner experts regarding Spanish literacy assessments. Historically, Colorado has included third and fourth-grade Spanish reading and writing assessments as part of its state summative system. As the state transitions to new summative assessments, discussions are underway to determine the most appropriate ways to assess Spanish literacy. Click here to view the presentation. Click here to view the options staff presented to the board.

The Colorado State Board of Education will hold its next meeting in January at the Colorado Department of Education, 201 E. Colfax Ave., in Denver.

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