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State Board Adopts Rules for Educator Effectiveness System

Nov. 9, 2011

News Release

Colorado State Board of Education adopts rules for statewide educator effectiveness system

The Colorado State Board of Education today unanimously approved rules concerning the planning, development, implementation and assessment of a system to evaluate the effectiveness of licensed personnel as required by Senate Bill 10-191, the legislation that set in motion the development of the state’s work on improving educator effectiveness.

“The rules represent a new focus on effectiveness of educators and thus a wonderful opportunity for educators to demonstrate the impact of quality instructional practices as defined by K-12 student achievement, as well as their professional dedication to the families and students of Colorado,” said State Board of Education Member Debora Scheffel.

Legislators sponsoring the original legislation praised the Colorado Board of Education for using a rules- development process that incorporated feedback from a variety of groups and individuals.

“The process you’ve used has been very good to incorporate counsel and input along the way,” said Christine Scanlan, former House Representative who was a sponsor of the bill. Scanlan is the current senior policy advisor to Governor John Hickenlooper.

“The quality input gathered will provide us with a credible system that will fairly and effectively evaluate educators. I believe this system can be held up as a national example,” Scanlan said.

Colorado’s landmark teacher and principal evaluation law, also known as S.B.10-191, established new requirements for the evaluation of licensed personnel, including requiring the state board to establish definitions of “effectiveness for teachers and principals and requiring the board to adopt statewide minimum standards for what it means to be an effective teacher or principal. The law also requires that all teachers and principals be evaluated at least 50 percent on the academic growth of their students. Teacher and principals will be evaluated annually under the new law.

The rules passed today took into consideration recommendations from the State Council for Educator Effectiveness and other input. In August, school districts received guidance on how to prepare for the new educator evaluation system and as a result, CDE selected 15 pilot districts to test the state model of evaluation. CDE also selected two partner districts to help align and map their current evaluation systems to the rules and expectations of S.B. 10-191.

The rules will now be sent to the Attorney General’s office to ensure they are consistent with the law. Then they will be sent to the General Assembly for review. The General Assembly will either approve the rules or repeal provisions of the rules no later than Feb. 15, 2012. For any provisions that are repealed by the General Assembly, the state board must promulgate emergency rules and re-submit the rules to the General Assembly for review no later than May 1, 2012.

Background on Senate Bill 10-191and the educator effectiveness system

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