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News Release - Colorado State Library Staff Members Honored

March 16, 2011

News Release

Colorado State Library Staff Members Honored

Two staff members of the Colorado State Library and one from the Colorado Talking Book Library, a division of the state library, are being recognized for their contributions.

Jim Duncan, the director of networking and resource sharing at the Colorado State Library, and Diane Walden, senior consultant for institutional library development, were recognized by Library Journal as “Movers and Shakers” for 2011.

Walden, according to the journal, fought for prisoners nationally by creating “The Prisoners’ Right to Read: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights,” which asserts basic information and access rights of all incarcerated individuals. A year and a half in the making, it was incorporated last year into the American Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Manual.

Walden “sees stories as a bridge to life beyond” prison, said Erica MacCreaigh, senior consultant to the Colorado State Library. As coordinator of the statewide “Read to the Children” program, Walden works with parent prisoners to read and record stories to a CD that the parent then sends to their child so the child can hear the story read in the parent’s voice. The program boosted library participation 275 percent in five years.

“There's a certain pleasure in fighting for the underdog that appeals to the advocate in me,” Walden told the journal.

Duncan was recognized for moving the state library server system to a new home in less than two days, at minimal cost, while successfully negotiating discounted digital services for libraries.

“Being able to get people to buy into a project they may not even understand is a unique skill that is deserving of recognition," Colorado State Library Director Eugene Hainer told the journal. Duncan “excels in being able to break down difficult concepts into lay terms in a way that not only makes the difficult seem easy, but actually a joy to listen to,” Hainer added.

One of the state library's chief priorities has been delivering services to small libraries. Duncan chaired a national committee representing several collaborating states and organizations--which ultimately translates to on-the-ground delivery of the Plinkit open source Web infrastructure to more than 36 rural and underserved libraries in this state. Enhancements to the Colorado service are being planned.

In the works is a statewide digital oral history project involving multiple partners. As with the Plinkit project, Duncan's role is multifaceted, involving grant writing and “prepping the political and budgetary landscape.”

Colorado Talking Book Library

Colorado Talking Book Library’s Teresa Kalber has been recognized with the “Julie Klauber Award,” an annual award from the Keystone Library Automation System that honors dedicated library staff members who provide outstanding service to their library and the community.

A national expert and leader, Julie Klauber dedicated her life to disability issues. She was the director of Talking Books Plus Library in Suffolk County, N.Y., and authored several articles on library resources and services for people with disabilities.

Kalber, who is the network systems administrator for Colorado Talking Book Library (CTBL), will share the award with Dana Carter from Kansas Talking Books.

Receiving the award means “knowing the work I do each day at the library is really appreciated and helps make other staff more efficient,” said Kalber. “I love having a job that has such a positive impact on the lives of others.”

Kalber, who learned Braille so she could proofread what she printed, can also do the Braille printing if necessary. “She is intrinsically motivated to do a great job,” said CTBL’s Director Debbi MacLeod. “This award is recognition by her peers of her impact and service to the network and it is very well deserved.”

Kalber and Carter each receive a trip to the 2011 KLAS Users' Conference in Raleigh, N.C., and will receive a plaque presented by Keystone Systems.

Colorado State Library

Part of the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado State Library provides leadership and expertise in developing library-related policies, activities and assistance for school, public, academic and special libraries. A primary goal of the Colorado State Library is to improve the ability of libraries to provide high-quality services to all Coloradans.

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