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Coalition for Community Schools 

Based out of the Institute for Educational Leadership, the Coalition for Community Schools is a national advocacy organization with a mission to grow excellent and sustainable Community Schools. Take the following steps to learn more about community schools on a national and regional level: 

The Learning Policy Institute

LPI assembled a team of researchers and policy experts to student community schools as a strategy to advance equity and support student and family well-being and academic success. This webpage is a great resource library meant to advance the understanding and the effective implementation of this evidence-based strategy. Explore all of the resources here, but definitely spend some time with the following: 

Full-Service Community Schools Program (FSCS)

Learn about the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Full-Service Community Schools grant program. This webpage provides an overview of the grant program and links to important information about applying for funds and funding and legislation.  According to public records from 2008-2020, a Colorado school has yet to be awarded this grant.